Brand valuation standard sets challenge to finance

CIMA’s Insight e-zine from November 2010 (here) reports on a recent ISO standard which give guidelines on attributing a monetary value to brands. Under international accounting standards (IFRS3 in particular) brands are normally only valued when acquired as part of a new business (i.e. only when bought). According the CIMA piece, the new ISO standard suggests three well-known methods for valuing brands:


  1. Income approach: the objective of the income approach is to calculate the after-tax, present value of future cash flows attributable to the brand. These cash flows are the difference between the cash flows generated by the business with and without the brand. The standard outlines six key ways of doing this: the price premium, volume premium, income split, multi period excess earnings, incremental cash flow and royalty relief methods.
  2. Market approach: this methodology compares the brand with comparable transactions, looking at acquisition ratios that can be adjusted to consider the similarity of brand strength, goods and services or economic and legal situation.
  3. Cost approach: the cost approach calculates the amount invested in creating the brand and the cost of recreating it.
What this new ISO standard adds is a behavioural aspect of brands. It suggests behavioural aspects should be applied to all three approaches mentioned above. This will mean accountants will have to engage more with marketing staff to capture things like customer attachments to brands, behaviour and trends. So, get out those old marketing books!


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