Books I’ve written

I have written a number of books on accounting and book-keeping. If you are looking for simple, easy-to-read books which will help you keep your own accounts or just get a general understanding, these are the ones for you.


                                                  Brilliant Book-keeping published in May 2010 is ideal if you want to learn book-keeping step-by-step.

Brilliant Accounting published December 2010, builds on Brilliant Book-keeping and provides a useful overview of basic financial and management accounting techniques.

If you want to buy either of the above Brilliant books, please click on the links to bring you to amazon.




I have also co-authored the following text books:


  Management Accounting is textbook for undergraduate accounting students . The book website is here.




I also co-authored Business Information Systems for Accounting Students  and the book website is here. Book cover






I do hope you get the opportunity to read/use one or more of these books


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