Balanced scorecards – a bit of humour

As you many know, many scorecard type systems used to report on business performance often use some form of traffic-light system to display whether or not targets have been met (see one of my previous posts). While looking for examples of scorecards, I came across a German blog post, which equated the use of scorecards to Formula 1 (F1) flags – well taking the mick a bit really on the use of ideas such as traffic light type reporting. You can see the original post here, but below is a brief translation. It’s a bit funny, the idea being that the management accountant can be signalled by the security guard on whether or not to drive past the main gate.

Green – all is clear. Drive to the bank and plan to take over the competition.

Blue – a competitor is about to outperform us. The security guard has the phone number of a recruitment agency.

Yellow – not sure if there is real danger. The management accountant has not yet received a recent consultants report. Meet colleagues in the car park first.

Red – the business has been taken over or merged. The accounting department has been centralised. Go home

Red/Yellow stripes – danger of slippage. The board has discovered a good Business Intelligence software suite. Time for a training course


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