Some tips on writing your dissertation

Writing a dissertation or thesis is no mean feat. Come to think of, writing a decent business report is no easy task either. We all have different writing styles, so no matter what we write it will to an extent be reflective of our own style of writing. Your style may have influences from what you’ve read in the past, so be sure to read some good stuff.

No matter the style, there a few key things any dissertation or thesis must have. The most obvious is some clear structure. Next is clear language. Both quite obvious you might say, but sometime we get carried away and forget about the simple stuff. Now, to some tips and guidelines for writing a goods thesis/dissertation. We’ll I’m not going to note them all here – you do the work – remember a thesis/dissertation is about doing research after all.

Here are some useful links:

Newcastle University tips and guide

A guide by Levine, Michigan State University

Writing an abstract – a guide from Leeds University

A nice dissertation guide from Purdue University

Happy writing (and reading!)



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I am an accounting academic, accountant and author based near Dublin, Ireland.

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