What management accountants think about sustainability reporting

I have written before on sustainability, and it is a tricky topic to define and pin down. However, one thing that helps bring any issue to the fore is to measure and/or report on it. Many companies do report on sustainability and environmental issues. Whether such reporting is genuine or “green-washing” is another debate.

CGMA recently conducted a global survey of management accountants, and the report can be found here. A nice infographic of the key points can  be seen here in the December CGMA magazine. One of things that jumped out at me was that the highest perceived benefits of reporting on sustainable issue came from management accountants in Africa. The report/survey suggests that management accountants are very aware of the need to report on sustainability and note it is beneficial. It also surprisingly suggests that the greatest barrier to reporting is no demand from decision makers.

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Image from susdevafrica.net  


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2 responses to “What management accountants think about sustainability reporting”

  1. Black and White Accountant says :

    “It also surprisingly suggests that the greatest barrier to reporting is no demand from decision makers.” Hmmm – I recognise this. Dear-god don’t report on it, then we might have to actually do something about it! Far better just to remain in blissful ignorance!

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