Emerging markets – are they still emerging?

I don’t normally delve too much into the world of economics and marketing, but this piece from The Economist (April 15th, 2010) caught my eye.

Antoine van  Agtmael, a Dutch investment banker, actually coined the phrase “emerging markets” almost 30 years ago.  In this time some of what were emerging markets are now the largest markets in the world – China and India for example.  Market knowledge is a must for any business, even small ones, but when a business gets to the global level a detailed knowledge of (and arguably a presence in) all global markets is a must – emerging markets included. Van Agtmael cautions though on the use of the term “emerging markets”. Some markets, for example China, Brazil, South Korea and Mexico, have not only emerged, but upstaged developed economies. For example, the SamSung brand from South Korea is one of the worlds best known electronics brands. Perhaps a mindset change is needed to appreciate the business challenges of  some economies which have now well and truly emerged.

Here’s a link to the full article: Schumpeter: An emerging challenge | The Economist.

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