Creativity in business – ideas from a creative writer.

I read Creativity Now! by Jurgen Wolff a short while ago. Jurgen is a great writer and he offers regular courses on creative writing in London (see This book is a wonderful summary of things you can do to be creative. Given the poor business and economic environment we’re in, a little spot of creativity might do us no harm.  I’ll give you two examples from Jurgen’s book of how creativity in business has helped increase profits. For more, go on, buy the book.

Adding unusual value to a routine service

Jurgen cites a story about a couple owning a B&B in Connecticut. The husband is an accountant and what has made their B&B successful is a “Tax and Relax” package.  Customers can relax and have a night away, with breakfast, while their tax returns are being done. Oh this, is a little different than having a 50″ plasma in the room, but the business is thriving.

Follow your heart, and the money comes too (sometimes)

In this piece, Jurgen recounts the experience of an interior designer who visited a hospice. She was appalled by the sombre surroundings.  Using  her interior design skills, this lady now makes a good living making the surroundings in healthcare facilities look a little brighter.

Creativity Now! has lots of tips on how to bring out your creative side – this might be just what business people need at the moment.

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