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Management accounting and sustainability

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Throughout my professional and academic career as a management accountant/teacher of same, the issue of sustainability has always been something with just made intuitive sense to me. This may be due to my rural background which has instilled an appreciation of all things around me into my ways of working and thinking.

Of course, sustainability is a key issue for business and us all. I recently stumbled upon a CIMA Research Insight report on sustainable development which I had not read previously. The report focuses on the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development
Goals (SDGs) and the role of management accounting. Rather than summarise it here, it may be best to read the report yourself, but one quote from within the report really captures the important relationship between business and sustainability. The quote is:

“If business isn’t sustainable then society is at risk. And if society isn’t sustainable then business is at risk.” – Mark Wilson, Group Chief Executive Officer, AVIVA

What a clear and simple quote!


What does a management accountant do?

I read this interesting article from CGMA magazine a few months ago. It brings out some of the actual roles of management accountants in business. Personally, I never liked the term “management accountant” at all and have always thought of myself as more of an advisor and information provider. Have a read of the article.

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