Happy Christmas

 Just a short post to say I wish you all a very happy and peaceful Christmas and let’s hope 2012 brings joy and happiness too.

To keep it festive and light-hearted, here’s a line to end the year on (which I found here) – “year-end is approaching – keep calm and carry on reconciling”.


(Picture is the Leipziger Weihnachtsmarkt)


About martinjquinn

I am an accounting academic, accountant and author based near Dublin, Ireland.

2 responses to “Happy Christmas”

  1. John Donovan says :

    Happy Christmas to you and yours too Martin. Let’s hope 2012 brings you all you wish for. I’m hoping it brings me a trainee accountant job for a start. Happy new year too.

  2. Fiona Wilson says :

    Hey Martinjquinn,
    Thanks you for your post, Hi

    I may well be slightly off topic but a specific thing I have recognized right now with a great deal of people young and old doing it difficult is that they dont have a good deal of time spare to devote in doing their accounts.

    As a replacement they would rather be working or implementing that time to chase down additional work. The common experience of everyone right now is that what is required is a unique solution to accounting, a far more simplified way of dong the accounts with out all the pointless runaround that is typical of traditional bookkeeping…

    in any case thats my observation.
    Good Job!

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