(In-)Corporate(d) Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a term used to describe how a business sees its responsibilities towards things like its workers, the environment, the community, customers and so on. If you look on the website of most large businesses, or in their annual reports, you’ll find something about the how the business operates in a responsible manner. Many such businesses have a separate CSR manager who reports directly to the board of directors. Mike Brooks writes in the June (2010) edition of Financial Management how some companies don’t adopt this approach, but instead have CSR embedded throughout the company. A big advantage of having CSR embedded throughout a business is that projects or plans need not be evaluated separately from a CSR perspective. Instead,  being a socially responsible organisation is embedded in all roles and business processes.  This method, according to Brooks, moves CSR away from a once a year mention in the annual report to something that’s hard-wired into the organisation.
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