Buying accounting software

You have just set up your first business venture. You don’t have enough money to pay an accountant to do all your bookkeeping. You do want to start off on the right foot by keeping good accounting records and decide to do the bookkeeping yourself using some accounting software. But which one do you choose? Here are some simple tips.

 Consider how much you know about accounting. If you know a little, then you may be more comfortable with software that uses lots of jargon. If you know nothing, look for software that is aimed at non-accountants.

  • What are your business needs? The more features you think you need in software, the greater the cost. It’s often best to start with a version of software which needs your needs now and for the next few years. But don’t overkill.
  • What is your budget? The more popular accounting software (e.g. SAGE, TAS and Quickbooks ) have versions ranging in price from about £75 to £500 and even more for larger businesses. The best tip is to get a reliable and reputable piece of software which is within your budget.
  • What help and after sales support is available. Some software vendors offer 30 days support from date of purchase. This can be really useful to help you get set up.

 The advantages of using software over manual accounting records are numerous. A good fit between your business’ needs and the software, will realise greater advantages. If in doubt, ask an accountant for help.


About martinjquinn

I am an accounting academic, accountant and author based near Dublin, Ireland.

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